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The Famine is Ovah

Image of The Famine is Ovah

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Release Date:February 11, 2007
Label: Independent release

The first album by ToTs features a gauntlet of musical genres with non-stop tater-related rhyming on 14 tracks that produces a satisfying and crispy debut release.

Track Listing:

1 Beatbox
2 Champ Potaydah
3 Tuber Nation
4 Stand Up (I'll show you my ToTs)
5 Sweet Potaydah Strings
6 Cheese Potaydahs featuring IDAHO
7 IASMF featuring SPUDZ
8 Pop-a-ToT
9 Shake your ToTs
10 Smooth Potaydahs
11 Tuber Treasure Hunt
12 Peel Potaydahs
13 Thank you song (Pete Rock Remix)
14 HIDDEN TRACK I'm bringing taters back featuring IDAHO